Happy Valentines Day Quotes & Messages for Wife

 “You are and always will be my Valentine.”

  ”Even though you are my Valentine by default because you are my wife, I want you to know that you still give me those 5th grade Valentines Day feelings. Happy Valentines Day 2014.”

  "I know I say it all the time, and I hope it doesn’t lose it’s meaning with you, because I really do love you. Happy Valentines Day 2014."

 “We’ve had some great Valentine’s Days together, and I am looking forward to many more. I should probably stop getting you lingerie by the time I’m 80. Not because you won’t look good, I just can’t risk of a heart attack from the excitement.”

 “I am extremely blessed to have you as my wife and my Valentine. I appreciate all that you are and do. You are easy to love and a beautiful person. That’s why I want you as my Valentine. Happy Valentines Day.”

 "Unexpectedly she entered my life
This woman, this angel, who became my wife
She captured my heart and soul
Warming a place once so dark and cold
This woman, this angel, to love"

 " To the love of my life
My beautiful sweet wife
Our lives will always be demanding
So let’s come to an understanding
Our love for God comes first
So our marriage won’t be ………."

"Please be my Valentine,
Not only on this day.
But every day throughout the year,
You’re my best friend in every way.
You are my box of Chocolates,
In each piece a sweet surprise"

"One night you said to me,
‘remember when we were kids
we’d stick macaroni on paper for Valentines Day.’
I remember.
Link after link
a chain of deep red and bright white"

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